I got nothing

I can’t look at the pudding post any more. Here’s a P-51, my favorite airplane.

What are your thoughts today?

16 thoughts on “I got nothing”

    1. the P-40 just seems so quintessentially “pin-up.” Maybe not the best bird ever, but very iconic. And it did shoulder a heavy load in the darkest days of the war.

    2. My first love was the Warhawk, but later I settled on the Lightning. I’ve long seen the P-38 as the Iron Bird equivalent of the F-4 Phantom II. Big, ungainly, two-engined bastich that can do any job you throw at it.

      If you read the Wiki on the P-40, you may be surprised. The Warhawk had many good qualities in the same way the Hurricane did. If memory serves, the latter did a lot more of the heavy lifting during the Battle of Britain than most folks think.

  1. My favorite – A4C Skyhawk – always brought me back home.
    One I actually flew in combat is at

    1. From a purely aesthetic point of view, I’d go with the A-4E. But dad’s 66-67 cruise on the Big E had two squadrons of A-4B/A-4C in the AirWing. And if it brought you home, it must have been good enough!

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