Hurricane Sandy Worth the Cost for Chris Matthews

More than one hundred dead.  Thousands injured.  More than 200,000 homeless, most of their worldly possessions destroyed or swept away.   In excess of $20 billion in damage.  Hurricane Sandy laid low a number of major population centers in the mid-Atlantic, and continues to be a nightmare of Federal bumbling and ineffectiveness.

But, thanks to media coverage of Obama’s “role” in this catastrophe that was nothing short of laudatory (though his role differed in substance not at all from GW Bush during Katrina), the President got a popularity bump that may have made a difference in yesterday’s election.  And that, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thinks, makes it all worthwhile.  The lost loved ones, the lives destroyed, the damage, the suffering, all for a greater political good.  That must be quite a tingle up that leg.  While Matthews tried to explain away his remark, the essence remained precisely what it first sounded like.  Whatever it takes, even a swath of death and destruction on US shores, if it helps my guy into the White House and keeps him there.    Seems you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Matthews later apologized, though those insincere remarks represent nothing more than damage control.   No, I don’t take him at his word.  Not the one that is calculated to assuage feelings and placate the angry.  I take him at the words he blurted out which gives a glimpse into the base, ruthless, cruel nature of people like Matthews and his ilk, and their absolute, blind partisanship.   He is notably despicable, even among an unscrupulous group of faux-journalists such as populate MSNBC.    Such is the nature of the news media in this age of gracelessness.  Sadly, there has been little uproar over Matthews’ remark.  Ask yourself what the result would be if the remark had come from Sean Hannity, or Bill O’Reilly.

Even more regrettably, Chris Matthews attended my alma mater, Holy Cross.   The Jesuits missed by a wide margin with the “spiritual and moral development” of this guy.    I am sure God is duly impressed.

5 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Worth the Cost for Chris Matthews”

  1. URR,

    Couldn’t agree with you more regarding this gomer. I am appalled. He IS one of the enemies of freedom.

    Holy Cross!?! My youngest daughter went to Holy Cross! Was Matthews not paying attention while he was there?

  2. My guess is that Matthews already knew everything by the time he hit Mount St James.

  3. I’m sure the Lord will demonstrate just how impressed he is with Matthews. His statement will begin with the words, “depart from me you worker of lawlessness….”

    The difficulty we have as a country is that FedGov has grown increasingly lawless since Lincoln won his war. There is no check against Federal overreaching.

  4. I have to ask: why does anyone pay any attention to MSNBC at all, any more? This is the network that couldn’t tolerate Keith fracking Olbermann. They make birthers look sane.

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