Load HEAT- Election Day Mini-Edition

Go do your civic duty, then come back.  Unless you’re a Democrat. You guys vote tomorrow.

Ann Romney looks pretty dang good for her age. Must  be that clean livin’.

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7 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Election Day Mini-Edition”

  1. The wife’s family has a Mormon contingent. Each and every one of them is just as nice as could be (as was the Mormon 1SG I had at DLI). The other thing they all have in common is attractive women (wives, daughters, and daughter-in-laws). I actually wonder at times if that isn’t part of the recruitment strategy.

    1. I know an absolutely charming young lady, freshly married, who is a member of the LDS. One of the prettiest, sweetest creatures I’ve met in a long time.
      …And she hunts with hubby. My kinda gal.

  2. Ann Romney is lovely indeed. Almost 64 years old, and I would ask for her phone number in an instant.

    But, happily married, no sordid past, no belief that being married to an elected official means SHE was elected. A beautiful, intelligent, classy lady.

    She reminds of Laura Bush. Certainly not Michelle, nor especially Hillary.

    1. Well Said, Sir! I am weary of First Lady’s who believe that they have been elected, as well.

  3. Mormons are classy and live their lives as an example (walk the walk). My military career was because of a LDS who was a Warrant Officer (may he RIP), who somehow saw something in me that I did not see in myself. thanks Scotty.

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