Russian SSN off US East Coast

Seems what’s old is new again.   A Russian Sierra II SSN was detected operating off the US Eastern Seaboard recently.   Doubtless coincidentally, a Russian intelligence ship (AGI) was allowed into the Port of Jacksonville FL to ride out Hurricane Sandy over last weekend.    As the article in the Beacon intimates, the Russians are likely keeping as close an eye on this leg of America’s Nuclear Triad as they can.   Which should give pause to those who would denude our deterrent capabilities of the other two legs.

While the incident may not be as provocative of the actions of the Soviet Navy at the height of their Cold War power, it is sufficiently Cold War-ish to raise eyebrows regarding Russian future intentions toward the United States.   (The encroachment on July 4th of this year by a TU-95MS Bear-H of the US West Coast perhaps should have raised those eyebrows already.)   Maybe that re-set button was on the Way-Back Machine after all.   If it was, we should consider what the implications of the “Pacific Pivot” might be with bare-bones forces in the Atlantic, and whether or not Russia senses an opportunity or advantage.   We might also want to re-think just how harmless a significant Russian naval presence in Cuba might be if tensions rise.   Last I checked, that island remains exactly where it was in 1962.

7 thoughts on “Russian SSN off US East Coast”

  1. The actual story is ‘Russian Submarine Actually Sorties’…. This is laughable, and the Washington Beacon is just cover for not getting Defense spending under control.

    1. Sure thing, Chris. Let’s cut defense out of the budget altogether. We will only have $1 trillion in ANNUAL debt left to deal with, and no national security save the mercy of our enemies. Good plan.

      Something about de Ruyter’s sails comes to mind.

  2. Eh, so the Russians wanna play. I’m not terribly concerned. As long as the old Cold War rules are understood (don’t do something sufficiently stupid to accidentally start a war), that’s fine. We probably don’t send a lot of SSN’s up in the Barents anymore, but we certainly could if we wanted.

    And relations may be a tad chillier today, but they were warm enough for USS Vandergrift to pull into Vladivostok recently and her CO and half the wardroom to go ashore and get schnocked enough to warrant relief for cause.

    However, as URR notes, any debt and deficit problems the US faces are not the result of defense spending, but rather social welfare programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and other transfer payments. Eliminate those expenditures, and the US would be running a pretty fair surplus.

  3. Not too fussed here. I expect most of what Russia is doing on these lines is for domestic consumption, to reassure their subjects that the Rodina is not to be trifled with.
    One wonders if the Navy took advantage of that safe harbor to have a little ELINT fun with our Siberian neighbors… 🙂

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