Most Useful Free Speech

Behold, Marty Dempsey:

President Barack Obama received a very publicized endorsement from Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and CJCS.   Not a peep of criticism out of the current Chairman about whether that constitutes “using the uniform for partisan politics” or not.  And we aren’t likely to.   Jellyfish are invertebrates that will drift with the tide, after all.    In the statement of endorsement, Powell informs us that Obama’s policies have made us safer from terrorism.  He manages to say that with a straight face, which had to have been difficult.   I am sure the insistence will be that skin color has nothing to do with Powell’s endorsement of Obama, but I find that extremely difficult to believe.  His Presidency has been a catastrophe for our economy, our military, our freedoms, and our status in world affairs.  Methinks Powell knows that well, but will tell us otherwise.

Not at all publicized by the Obama-catering mainstream media is an endorsement by FIVE HUNDRED retired Admirals and Generals in this morning’s Washington Times.  The list includes thirty Marines, including Medal of Honor winner recipient James Livingston and a number of former Commandants, and a great deal of other distinguished names from all the services.

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Once again, the media is all but silent about this rather definitive statement from the retired FOGOs.  They prefer to make us think that Obama showing up in a faux-flight jacket constitutes endorsement by the Armed Forces.   Well, he does have Powell, and Wesley Clark.  And Admiral Nathman.   So he’s got that going for him.   Which is nice.

4 thoughts on “Most Useful Free Speech”

  1. I think Powell was using the “Are you better off today than you were four years ago” criteria. Unlike the 15% who wish they had jobs but cannot find them or the 53% who actually pay income taxes, Powell _IS_ better off. His speaking fees are enormous, people want him on their corporate boards, they named a school after him on Fort Bliss and likely many other good things have happened for him.

    He sits on the Board of Bloom Energy, which got a $25 million grant from DOE in October of 2009. He’s a “Strategic Advisor” in the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (where Al Gore is partner), which invested in companies that benefited from DOE grants.

    I suspect not everyone’s last 4 years have been so rosy.

  2. I use to think highly of Powell, but that was when I thought that he took his oath seriously. URR: You should know better that to write “Medal of Honor winner.”


  3. When I was a wee small badger, my grandparents lived in Cokato, MN. The nearby town of Dassell has a huge hatchery, and in front of it is a huge chick. My Mon and my Aunt Marianne tell me that when I was like 2 years old, whenever we would rive by the place, I would point to the bird, and go AWK! AWK!.

    Here in Baraboo, we have a Pizza Ranch, a Midwestern chain of pizza places. Their pizza is adequate, but the fried chicken is superb. I go there on Wednesdays for the buffet. Leave us hope on Wednesday, i shall be dining on the AWK! AWK! of victory, rather than having the salad bar of despair.

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