Space photos of the day

Space shuttle Atlantis was moved to her new home at the Kennedy Visitor Center yesterday.

She was escorted by about 30 astronauts, including Buzz Aldrin, Scott Carpenter, Eileen Collins, Gene Cernan, and Jim Voss.

I like this one with the reflection in the water. Glad they had good weather for the move.

Still sad to see, but I guess I’ve moved into the acceptance phase.

2 thoughts on “Space photos of the day”

  1. The passing of an era. We were close to escaping the cradle of mankind, once upon a time.

    Ad aspera ad astra is not just my state’s motto. It looks like the next trans-NEO astonaughts may be Chinese.

  2. I’m a bit more sanguine about the end of the shuttle. While an amazing machine, it was too complex and too expensive for the task.

    We as a species need to figure out what we want from space. Pure exploration can be better done by robots. The only reason to send people into space is for colonization, and the obstacles to that are more political than technological. To that end it may be beneficial to take the back seat for a little while. Just as Sputnik allowed us to set the precedent that territorial airspace didn’t extend to orbit, allowing China to claim a portion of the Moon or some other body would create property rights in space and fuel a true push to the stars.

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