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Each year businesses honor veterans and servicemembers, as well as their families, with Veterans Day discounts on goods, services, and dining.

Keep in mind that most businesses require proof of military service, which can include a VA Universal Access Card, Military I.D., DD-214 (Discharge Papers), Veterans Service Organization Card (VSO’s include groups like the VFW, DAV, AmVets, MOAA, FRA, and the American Legion), or in some cases businesses will accept a picture of the veteran in uniform.

The following is a list of 2012 Veteran and military discounts, Buy One Get One (BOGO) offerings, and this year’s offerings even include some honest-to-goodness free meals:

Note: Not all franchise locations participate in their national chain’s Veterans Day programs — be sure contact your nearest establishment to make sure they are participating.

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I’mma go hit the local Applebee’s. They treat you like it’s their lucky day to give you free food.

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  1. Whereabouts do you live? I just finished the order for the first of three truck deliveries (we get 2 trucks a week) before Veteran’s Day so we can stock up early. And, yes, we all look forward to it! 🙂

    Anyone who lives in Butler County, Ohio, I’ll be cooking at the Bridgewater Falls store in Hamilton, so bring all your vet buddies.

  2. Yeah, but I didn’t hear about it until I got home from work. Bummer.
    The really annoying thing is that the rally was only a few miles away from where I work! Feh.

    Vodkapundit has a contact who took photos, if you drop by over his place.

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