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  1. Funny, but I guess in MI no one ever listened to Specialists. As a PFC, had a Spec ever told me to “go pick that up”, I’d have told him to piss off. I almost never saw a CPL outside of PLDC. So SGT was the first rank that would actually tell people what to do (and would be listened to).

  2. When I was at COMNAVBASE Norfolk my boss was RADM Jackson Parker. We talked to him one time about his career. He made Chief in four years during WWII, was a Warrent Officer in in the Korean War, earned a commission and then held the umbrella for ADM Harry Train. He made flag officer with no colledge education, but he sure was smart. I learned a lot from his leadership approach.

    He just did his best, and wasn’t even thought of as a hot runner until his first post-command tour. His favorite ranks were LT and CDR. We asked.

  3. As the old saying goes, “We have to do something about LCpl Smith we must put him in a position of no responsibility,either bust him to Pvt or promote him to Second Lt” hat tip to Sgt Mike in Vietnam.

  4. What Esli said…though I only wore 7.

    Need a warrant officer one. Iwas always taught the dots stood for don’ts.

    One dot…..don’t know shit.

    Two dots…..don’t do PT and won’t serve on the duty roster.

    Three dots…don’t do PT, won’t serve on the duty roster and won’t talk to lieutenants.

    Four dots…Don’t talk to him.

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