Horses and Bayonets (and ships)

Well, bayonets. I don’t think I’ve ever actually written about horses much.

But yeah, the Army still issues bayonets.

I wrote about training with the bayonet a while back.

I get the President was trying to make a “buggy whip manufacturers” point.  But like most things he does, he did it poorly.

In the context of fleet size, which is where that quip came up, I’ll direct you over to Bryan McGrath’s article at Information Dissemination. And I very, very strongly urge you to visit the Chris Cavas piece featuring John Lehman, arguably the best SecNav since Frank Knox.

Obama argues that Romney is trying to buy ships the Navy doesn’t want. But for several years now, the Navy leadership has stated it needs a fleet of 313* ships, and yet, the numbers are still in decline. A lot of that is the Navy’s fault, rather than the Obama or Bush administrations. But when you’re the President, the buck should at least cross your desk, even if it doesn’t quite stop there.

I’m pleased to see Team Romney giving some serious thought to the Navy. I’ll always be an Army guy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think we don’t need a strong Navy.

*of course, realists have long pointed out that the 313 goal was pulled from thin air, and was far below what any realistic assessment of naval roles and missions would dictate.

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  1. Having fixed many a chrome bayonet in the national capital region, I can tell you that even a chrome bayonet can still penetrate flesh… Interestingly The Old Guard is the only unit in the army specifically authorized by the War Department (I think in 1922), to pass in review with fixed bayonets. Based on their performance in a bayonet charge at Cerro Gordo during the Mexican American war.

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