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A little birdie told me frequent commenter and friend of the blog Quartermaster has been laid up recovering from surgery.  Get well soon, QM.

//slides over a Dad’s root beer

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  1. Get well QM!

    Hey QM, drink some of the really good stuff you borrowed from Lex’s liquor locker that halcyon day we all went on the quest for the third page.

    Disagree on Dad’s root beer. Virgil’s Root Beer will help recovery, erase surgury scars, and put hair on you chest, back and head.

    1. Have you heard anything from VX? He’s not answering email or his Tracfone. He may have gotten his cell service straightened out and have a new number, but I don’t know if he changed his Innnerwebz provider or not. I tried to call him while I was in the Hospital back in August, but no luck.

      1. I haven’t seen him at any of the usual haunts. I tried emailing him, with no answer. I don’t have his tracfone.

        Try the white pages for Louisiana?

    2. I have seen him over at Ann Althouse’s blog within the last week., so he is among the living.

  2. Healing slowly. I had my Lumbar spine worked upon. The disc at L5/S1 was removed with fusion following, and had decompressive laminectomies L1 through S1. I’m back at work full time (8 weeks post op tomorrow), but not fully functional in the field (and this being fall, my favorite season, and I have not been able to get in woods), but I can do all the work an Engineer/Surveyor does in the office. I just can’t get up on the hills, mountains and hollows. The first two weeks back at work were tough, though.

    The worst part of this is following the Doctor’s destructions so I can heal properly. I can’t have any NSAIDs and my favorite candy was Ibuprofen. My arthritic wrist and shoulder really miss the stuff. I can’t have it so the bone grafts will take properly.

    Thanx Brad and Badger for the Dad’s. URR, I’ll get out of the rigging when I am D****d good and ready. I’m doing my best to take care of business so I can heal properly and get back to tormenting the world again. Getting my physical fitness back, though, ain’t gonna be fun. I’ve got parts of my legs that are complaining because suddenly they’re getting the signals to do work they haven’t been getting for 2 years.

    When I get well, Rusty, I’ll look you up and we’ll have a little wall to wall counseling about politeness and civility. 🙂

    I will be delighted, however, to be completely removed from the Binnacle List.

    1. Good news on the healing. Backs are no fun whatsoever. Trying assiduously to avoid your predicament.

      Whence the pain goes away, most likely you will be better for it than having let it linger without repair. Not that I need to tell you….

    2. I fought surgery off since my condition was originally discovered back in ’98. The last MRI I had in 2006 did not reveal any stenosis, but the MRI back in June revealed moderate to severe stenosis throughout my Lumbar spine and the disc at L5/S1 had thinned enough (it was herniated anywayz) that it didn’t keep the vertebrae far enough apart to keep the bone from occasionally rubbing the nerves. By the first part of August I had reached teh point I could barely walk.

      Going from a stride worthy of a Pro-Baseball caliber player (I was offered a Major League contract years ago, but decided I wanted a Military Aviation career instead) to one that could barely walk was a bit of a shocker, even if the decline took years. The echos of that stride are back, but my balance needs real work (at least I can stand on one leg again, but it’s real shaky). It’s going to take about a year to fully recover, but I will have lost some flexibility and I won’t be humping your ammo ever again.

      The biggest I ever humped was the 105mm stuff for my Tank in the TNARNG. Not much compared to some of the shells you used to hump.

    3. Looking forward to it, QM!

      (Mostly to the part about you being well, I mean … 🙂 )

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