Doctrinal Precepts from DM

Our in-house doctrine expert Esli might wanna weigh in.

I’ll just add an oldie but goody from Eisenhower- “Plans are worthless. Planning is everything.”

8 thoughts on “Doctrinal Precepts from DM”

  1. “One of the serious problems in planning the fight against American doctrine, is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine…”
    – From a Soviet Junior Lt’s Notebook

  2. The tendency of people to believe that others know what they are doing and will give their best effort, ALWAYS leads to a crisis management sitution

  3. Always PLAN for your mission, PLAN for your PLAN to go to shit and then PLAN for recovering from the shit. Always have a back up PLAN in case your current PLAN sucks.

  4. No plan can be made foolproof. “Idiot resistant” is attainable and should be striven for, but “foolproof” is impossible.

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