Schultz: I know NOTHING!!!!

No, no.  Not the Hogan’s Heroes Sergeant-type Schultz.  The Democratic National Committee Chair and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-type.     Even lefty-progressive Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian finds her proclaimed ignorance despicable.


Funny in a 60s sitcom, not very funny that a sitting Congresswoman is so ill-informed (or deliberately deceitful) as a Representative for the American voters in her district.

And a tad more serious for American freedoms than Kinchloe having a radio in the coffee pot….

H/T to Uncle Jimbo at B5.

2 thoughts on “Schultz: I know NOTHING!!!!”

  1. So, she missed it in the New York Times in May?

    Or in the Washington Post in June?

    Or on the Huffington Post in September?

    Assuredly, al-Jazeera escaped her attention with a former CIA stations chief writing about it:

    I love it when she talks because she always says something stupid and/or mean. What luck it is that she was elevated to that post!

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