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  1. I am not sure what I just saw. I am watching at work, on a computer without speakers. The odd flight behavior of the E-3, was that air turbulance?

  2. Much like some of my dates in High School. Almost there and then *poof*, nowhere to be seen.

  3. I involuntarily soiled myself just from watching….didn’t expect the “nose up” at the end. I thought for a moment the “boomer” was playing with the AWACS crew. Boomers are not without their humor…going space-A in a KC-135 once (which had an attendant midair refuel mission), the boomer allowed me to wedge into one of the three available places to look out the back end and watch the refuel. Flying into the sun (both aircraft) and the approaching B-52 pilot says “man, this sun is really bright today” to which the boomer responds “…funny, its not bothering me.” True event.

  4. Holy Crap! For what it’s worth, that was a NATO E-3, out of Geilenkirchen, Germany (a place where I spent 7 and a half lovely years). So the stick actuator may not have been a US pilot. Heard of some crazy stuff while at GK, like the time the scheduler put a Turkish pilot and a Greek co-pilot on the same mission. The fist fight which ensued in the cockpit pretty much scrubbed THAT mission before it left the ground.

    I nearly crapped my pants watching the vid!

    1. The info and comments at the video suggested it was taken over Tinker, but I guess the cheek blisters do mark it as a NATO bird.

  5. I think the E-3 was under the wake turbulence of the KC-135 and that caused the sudden nose up. I’m not sure how much time those NATO crews get flying that close formation for mid-air refueling. It’s possible the AC was just a bit under-experienced for that evolution.

  6. I would have paid money to witness the “wall to wall” debrief on the scheduler that put a Turk and a Greek together in a cockpit.

  7. I was doing a flyaway mission with one of my tanks in 1994 and was in the cockpit of a KC10 watching the refueling mission, when a B52 hooked to a KC135 appeared out of nowhere about 20 degress off a reciprocal heading at the same altitude. Amazing how fast it went from a cloud of smoke in the distance to two huge aircraft in the windscreen moving at a relative almost 600 knots and then it was gone. Too fast to pull the camera from my pocket, or be scared!

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