Bombing North Vietnam

Still sick. Mostly just tired, now. And with the election all over the news, it’s hard to find any military topics out there that interest me right now.

Here’s a clip of airstrikes on North Vietnam in the early days of Rolling Thunder.


It’s amazing to watch the difference in accuracy and target effects from that era to today’s precision guided weapons.

Drop a 500 pound JDAM or LGB on a building today, you’ll do some serious structural damage. Miss a building by just a few meters with a 750 bomb in 1966, you’ll just put a few pockmarks in it and rattle the plaster.

2 thoughts on “Bombing North Vietnam”

  1. I may have built some of those bombs and put them on the BUFF’s. Doesn’t seem all that long ago, but guess it was.

  2. I found the reference to “incendi-gel” at 5:15 interesting. Never heard that before. I enjoy the road cutting missions. A lot of bang for a limited return with all of those 750lb bombs going in. Reminds me of a brigade attack in 2008 where we had 40 bombs dropped in the space of a few minutes, which were designed to detonate IEDs, and wound up cutting multiple roads into our zone of attack, to the extent that we were forced to hire locals with bucket loaders to repair the roads so we could continue movement. It’s amazing what effect a 500lb JDAM will have on a dirt road built up on canal embankments.

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