Operation Dewey Canyon

The last major USMC offensive in Vietnam. By this point in the war, the struggle wasn’t really a COIN operation, but rather the conventional forces of the US struggling to stem the flow of conventional North Vietnamese forces into the I Corps area of operations.


URR will be happy to see lots of M101 guns. Some good splodey included, as well. And how sad is it that the same CH-46 and CH-53 choppers still form the backbone of Marine rotary winged aviation today?

OK, the CH-46 is on the way out, and the CH-53s in service today are “E” models built in the 80s and 90s, but you get the point.

2 thoughts on “Operation Dewey Canyon”

  1. URR is very happy. The howitzer they show from the breech side is a 155mm M114A1 medium howitzer, affectionately known as the “pig”. Reliable beyond words, and accurate, too. But a heavy bitch. Had those at 29 Palms once upon a time.

    My first platoon sergeant picked up a Silver Star (and Purple Heart) while with 9th Marines in Dewey Canyon. He was a Corporal, and told us about getting his AN/PRC-25 shot off his back at the dike of a rice paddy.

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