I had planned to hop back into blogging today, but I’m sick as a dog. A very mangy dog.  With fleas.

/curls up in poncho liner

9 thoughts on “Ughh!”

  1. Home-made tacos? You know, “special tangy sauce” is just mayonnaise left in the sunshine….

    1. If it was Nucmam sauce (prolly misspelled, but the sound is right) then it will take awhile to get over it.

      For those not around during the Vietnam era, the first step to nucmam is to take a fish and nail its tail to a board and place it in the sun with the board over a bucket to collect the drippings.

    2. QM, sounds like the Roman sauce garum, which eventually evolved into Worcestershire sauce.

  2. In this case, it sounds like we have a serious case of “taco’s revenge”. Seriously, Brad, don’t worry about the blog, take care of yourself!

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