"Do Not Go Gently…"

“…under the bus!”

Seems one Hillary Rodham Clinton, Democratic Candidate for President in 2016, and oh yes, current Secretary of State, has no intention of being thrown under the Obama/Biden campaign bus over the criminally-negligent fiasco in Benghazi on September 11th.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made the first public attempt to do so in yesterday’s press briefing:

He meant the White House.  In over four hours of testimony, the testimony that you just referenced the other day, no one who testified about this matter suggested that requests for additional security were made to the President or the White House.  These are issues appropriately that are handled by security professionals at the State Department.  And that’s what he was talking about.

Carney, of course, was commenting on a question asked regarding VP Joe Biden’s rather curious debate remarks that directly contradicted State Department assertions and Congressional testimony about the attack in Benghazi, and the security levels there on September 11th, 2012.   While probably technically truthful, those remarks hardly reflect a united Cabinet, nor portray the Secretary of State as being seamlessly joined to the President as the executor of foreign policy.   And it is not the first time that Carney’s words have directly rebuffed State Department explanations.

There is plenty of incompetence, complacency, neglect, and arrogance to go around at the Chief Executive and Secretary of State level.   More than enough, I do believe, for our enemies to be emboldened because they know that it is amateur hour at 1600 Pennsylvania and at Foggy Bottom.  But Hillary, the politician, will not sit quietly and let Obama assert that “The buck stops over there!”

This could get interesting, to be sure.  As Tony Lee over at Big Peace summarizes, the Clintons and Obama are not on the best of terms anyway.  Former President Bill, a more astute political wheeler-dealer than either Obama or Hillary, has little to lose to ensure that Obama and Biden don’t ruin Hillary’s chances in 2016.    And Bill or Hillary may be willing to torpedo the WON’s increasingly tenuous re-election bid in 2012 to prevent it.

Shame that neither Hillary or Obama cared as much about the lives of a US Ambassador and our diplomatic personnel, or about America’s standing in the world, as they do about not getting any of the blood shed through their neglect splattered on their respective political futures.

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  1. I knew that it was a planned out attack back when Dempsey was running his mouth about the video. It’s too bad that our senior military officers lack the integrity that would prevent themselves from being used as tools of a corrupt administration.

  2. Always remember this, it ain’t over yet! Don’t try to assess blame, yet. In this “half-fast horse opera”, there are many candidates for those roles. As the farm kids talking to the kids of the “city-slickers” as they played barefoot out in the pastures, “Watch where you step, you may find something that you don’t want to find.”

    Our problem is this, we’ve already stepped into it, before Obama. Obama just made it worse.

    1. Grumpy,
      The events of September 11th, 2012 are the responsibility of this Administration, and this Administration alone. Likewise the cover-up and blamestorming currently under way between the White House and State. Any reference or inference that any of this was the fault of a previous Administration is disingenuous in the extreme.

    2. URR, I would really like to agree with you, but the facts and history do not support it. This is not just the fault of Obama or George W Bush, it goes back many administrators of both political parties. No, I do not give Obama a “Get out of jail-FREE” card, if he were lucky. I believe there are many players in this opera, from both parties, over many years. I would like to see an honest investigation into this tragic event. We both know, It would never see the light of day from both parties. The more you know, the more you know there is very little difference between the 2 political parties. You begin to realize politics has nothing to say. We do have a two-party system, but not Republican and Democratic parties. The real 2-party system we have is this, we have the “Elites and the Non-Elites”. As you look at history, you will see the “elites” have been ruling this Nation for many years. As you and I both know, any investigation that does not have a primary objective of justice will never see the light of day. Both Republicans and Democrats will seek to have the final report of the investigation, BURIED!

  3. This administration, and the Democratic Party are run by people who only care about thier ideas, and thier fantasy world, where the ideas work, and by people like Harry Ried, who are mobbed up, and only want money and power. The Democratic Party have been a criminal enterprise for decades now, and are unlikely to ever change.

  4. Grumpy,

    The mechanism for providing threat analysis and appropriate security for an embassy or consulate is a relatively straightforward and basic requirement of the State Department. It is not reflective of a problem that goes back to the Eisenhower Administration. THIS INCIDENT in Benghazi is entirely on the shoulders of Obama and Hillary, and their naive, dangerous, blame-America world view, their disdain for our military. They are amateurish idealogues, policy makers with no more understanding of diplomacy, statesmanship, power politics, or world affairs than one would find at a student protest at Columbia or Smith.

    The shameful cover-up and attempts to pass blame for a preventable tragedy, and the deliberate falsehoods perpetuated by them and their charges are also entirely theirs. Entirely. The situation with the US embassies, at this point, including the despicable display in Cairo, is completely in their laps. And is symbolic of their abject and total failures with both their misguided and malignant policies and their lack of character.

    1. URR, I believe THIS INCIDENT, DOES rest ON the shoulders of Obama AND the Republicans who want him out of office at all costs. These Republicans, WHO HAVE ONE OBJECTIVE THAT IS TO FIGHT OBAMA ON EVERY ISSUE ARE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS TRAGEDY.

      Personally, I would like to see someone else had as President of the US, neither Obama or Romney. It is my sense that we will, as a Nation, regret the choice of either one. As a Nation, during the last group of presidential elections, we have had very poor choices. It was like this, “Multiple-choice, Option A-Sucks, Option B-Sucks, now choose, only A or B.” I sometimes wish there was a third option, like, “None of the Above”. The only problem is this, the last one would win by a landslide.

    2. URR,I have been reading your comment a couple of times. You make a specific point in history and mentioned the Eisenhower years as President. My father knew one of his brothers who lived about 10 miles from my family home. As a boy, I had the opportunity to talk with him many times. Your comment about his administration, I think the Dulles brothers would like to have a real long talk with you about your thinking. Ike, himself, would probably have a long talk with you. This is a man who could put school girl blush on the face of George Patton. You would be surprised at his approach to many of the issues today. The National Highway Safety Act was, in his view, a National Security Issue and not an infrastructure issue. He told me that he knew that he did not do everything as perfectly, as he should have done. He did the best that he could have done with all of the given circumstances.

  5. Grumpy, you are entitled to your opinion. But I am entitled to tell you it is utter hogwash. Obama and Clinton are amateurs, and their cavalier handling of this situation, before and after the tragedy, reinforce their incompetence.
    The Executive Branch formulates foreign policy, and executes it through the Secretary of State. Period. They failed miserably, and then continue to lie about it. It has nothing whatever to do with anyone other than them.

    1. URR, I agree you are entitled to your opinion. We just come out of different worlds. We can disagree and yet not be disagreeable.

      Thank you, for your service to this Great Nation.


    2. I thought joining the Brits and Frogs in ousting the Daffy guy was a serious mistake. Like it or not, he kept al Queda, and their ilk, under control because they were a threat to him. Same with Mubarak in Egypt. We have the same problem with Assad in Syria. We may not like these guys, but throwing them out is a geopolitical mistake given the most likely replacement will be islamists of the worst order.

      Calling Hillary and Obama amateurs is not a bad label for them. Usually a new administration will reach back and bring in experienced people. This one didn’t. Instead, they are a pathetic image of what the US is.

  6. Grumpy,

    I didn’t reference Ike because I was affixing blame to him or his brothers Dulles. I simply used Eisenhower’s Administration to make the point that the Benghazi fiasco is entirely the doing of this Administration. No, little Eisenhower did or thought would surprise me. He was a remarkable man, and yes, the interstate Highway System was a dual use infrastructure project with tremendous National Security value.

    I believe the Old General is spinning in his grave like a gyro with this cabal of America-hating liars and Communists.

    1. I would imagine if we could somehow take Adams; Jefferson; Madison; Franklin, and all the other founders and clutch them to drive generators, thier spinning in thier graves would provide us with almost unlimited power.

    2. URR, I believe you stated it very well. I agree with your assessment, I believe the Old General HAS BEEN spinning in his grave over many things and many Administrations from both political parties.

      The question becomes this, If we put a new character in the same role as Obama, will that allow the Old General to rest in peace? This is the real question. My answer would be another question. Can we do better/worse then this? My answer to both questions is the same, “YES!!” There are a whole series of questions that come after this, but I will stop.

      Thank you, this conversation. -Grumpy

  7. I think it will be interesting to see how much blame Obama’s people end up placing on Hillary and how much that affects the Billary support over the next month.

    Obama has worsened our standing over there by being an idiot. Showing weakness doesn’t work, especially when you couple it with a Nobel Peace Prize recipient who personally authorizes drone executions. (One can only imagine Pol Pot’s dismay that Obama beat him out for the NPP.) He thought they would love him, but they were chanting “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama.”

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