My mother would have sniffed and said, “Tacky!”

But is anyone surprised?

Hang up the phone next time and return the salute properly; they deserve it.

10 thoughts on “Jerk”

  1. “Tee time at 1020 at Andrews? Perfect! Tell Netanyahu I’m too busy, and I will have Biden call him. Oh, and we have a ceremony Friday in the Rose Garden? Michelle’s ‘School lunches of the Soviet Union’ program?”

    1. Now that Michelle has messed up the school lunch program, school lunches are so bad, at least around here, that a lot of children will not eat much at school. They are so unappetizing that some children who get most of their meals at school, would rather be hungry. Whole wheat everything, baked everything, substantially smaller portions and limited choices.

  2. Trevor,

    Next is health care. Smaller portions and limited choices. Coming to a collective farm or state-owned factory near you! Comrade.

  3. I have another question; why salute at all? For most of our history, presidents haven’t saluted those in uniform.

    Barry would have been smarter to return to the older form. He would have looked less silly then.

    1. I don’t have a problem with veteran Presidents saluting. Frankly neither Clinton, Obama, nor Romney have earned the privilege.

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