What the Captain Means

It’s old, the sound quality isn’t great, but I found it funny, and I like watching the planes. NSFW for language.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQ1AYVcAS7k&w=420&h=315]

Written and recorded in Cam Ranh Bay, 1966, by Lt. Col. Joe Kent, Information Officer, 12th Tactical Fighter Wing.

(update: I corrected the year.)

4 thoughts on “What the Captain Means”

  1. Ah, memories. I was at Cam Ranh in ’66, my first deployment with a VP squadron. We lived on the AF side and bussed over to the NAF every day to work. Subsuquent deployments were better as flight crew and barracks on the Navy side. Last deployment there was ’71.

    1. URR, I think it was official speak even in the 60s. I can remember my “raving” (being a bit facetious here) about such things on rare occasion when we were in Germany in the late 60s (’66-’69).

      Weaselspeak has been around for quite awhile. I saw it in the Navy in the early 70s too. And I don’t mean the normal diplomaticspeak either.

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