19 Years Ago Today- The Battle of Mogadishu

As John says, hard to believe it has been so long


A mission to grab top lieutenants of the leading warlord opposing US efforts in Somalia led to two Blackhawks being shot down by RPG fire. A three hour mission turned into a day and a half trial by fire.


Super 64 over the Somali coast

18 Americans would give their lives. 73 would be wounded. One would be captured.

Two soldiers would posthumously earn their nation’s highest honor.

MSG Gary Gordon

SFC Randall Shugart.

Never Forget.

3 thoughts on “19 Years Ago Today- The Battle of Mogadishu”

  1. I normally don’t comment here due to papers I’ve signed as condition of my work.
    But not this incident, which has always hit close to home. I was a crewmember on one of the C-5s that brought these fine Soldier’s transfer caskets to Dover AFB for processing at the mortuary there, and have a little undocumented story to share:
    After landing, taxiing to parking, kneeling and opening the nose of the plane, we were met by an honor guard from Ft. Campbell. As the honor guard proceeded from the back of the cargo compartment towards the front ramp with the caskets, the flight and ground crews formed lines extending from the nose of the plane. As the honor guard brought the bodies past us, we all Presented Arms for these Soldier’s final return to American soil. It was an impromptu gesture, but we all realized what these Soldiers had given up for their country, and were very proud to have given what honors we could.

    Hard to believe its been so long ago. Thank God that we still have Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen still willing to put themselves in harms way for our country.

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