Every Sailor is a Firefighter

Or damn well should be…


…as the Indonesian Navy learned again.

6 thoughts on “Every Sailor is a Firefighter”

  1. ’twas a shipyard fire, per the Jakarta Times, on a boat that hadn’t yet been delivered to the Navy. In my experience, a pass through a shipyard will have the Sailors responding to an order of magnitude more of shipboard fires…partly due to industrial environment hazards, but partly due to some really crappy yardbird behavior.

    The “every Sailor a firefighter” comment reminds me of a time at Speicher with my Navy EOD BN headquarters and two Army EOD CO co-located in a little compound. Our big KBR generator decided to lose it’s mind, with all the attendant smoke and fire. All the soldiers ran to the BN TOC to shout, and all the Sailors grabbed a fire bottle and ran to the genny. Please don’t anyone take offense, simply a difference in training with humorous results.

  2. Pretty impressive fire, looks like a total right off for Indonesia’s new stealth patrol boat.

    Outside the Western World, the focus on damage control in most navies is significantly less, shall we say, rigerous than in the USN. A humerous example, one of several as reported in a message titled “Allah is on the Bridge”, took place during the transfer of Garcia Class FFs to Pakistan in the late 1980s. During the delivery voyage one of the new-to-Pakistan FFs had a boiler room fire (a not uncommon event with P-fired boilers) in the Indian Ocean. The small detachment of USN Sailors on the delivery crew put the fire out, the Pakistani Navy crew went topside and donned life preservers.

  3. That tri-hull cost is going to hurt. No offense taken on firefighting….difference in training is absolutely correct. I would note however that in Army training, fire extinguishers are usually located with generators and most personnel are trained how to use said equipment. It IS classic Army though for the first thought in these events is to “…go tell someone in the TOC.” It had an element of humor to me.

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