Northeastern University Muslim Chaplain's Support for Islamic Extremists


Charles Jacobs over at Big Peace tells the story.  But here is a notable passage that gives insight into the Religion of Peace…  After a Muslim female student posted a comment in support of the firing of Abdullah Faruuq on the Big Peace Facebook Page:

Unfortunately, this moderate Muslim woman was immediately pounced upon by extremist Muslim Northeastern students – accused of being a traitor, a hypocrite, and an apostate. She deleted her message within two hours.

Yet, I am sure we need to have scenarios portraying the Tea Party as our domestic enemies, and returning Veterans who believe in God and the Bill of Rights as potential terrorists…  you know, so as not to offend.

8 thoughts on “Northeastern University Muslim Chaplain's Support for Islamic Extremists”

  1. The USA military as USA govts having slaughtered millions of muslims.

    To write such nonsense as the above /either you have your eyes ears
    closed to reality / or you are just a psychopath tyring to impress those
    of the same mentallity / as to whom can spin out the most hate malice.

    1. ultimaratioregis / I apologise if my words rather sharp
      however / you need be brought unto your senses, to
      that of compassion / understanding as justice to love.

      If I may give some advice. To attain more balanced
      approach to life / in one uniting rather than division
      of people / to be found in one’s deeper experience
      as understanding of the ultimate purpose of living
      reaching ultimate goal / that of spiritual knowledge.

      Such a knowledge found in meditation / in one’s
      unfolding of the spiritual self. Throughout history
      of humanity there be spiritual teachers / amongst
      all teachers be the “Teacher of Teachers” whom
      teaching one that of meditation in ones knowing
      their spiritual self through very practical spiritual
      experience. Presently the “Teacher of Teachers”
      is Prem Rawat. PC search put (words of peace)
      or (words of peace global) on site a selection of
      videos in which Prem explains meditation / in its
      unfolding of the spiritual self / via very practical
      spiritual experience one going beyond ideas as
      beliefs / beyond the concept of a heaven thats
      somewhere beyond the clouds. Via meditation
      one having very practical spiritual experience
      which gives a clarity / answering all questions
      that people in having ever longed in knowing.

    1. Damn Poles, always starting trouble everywhere.

      URR is just aspiring to the instigatory traditions of his forefathers, that’s all. Giving in to genetics, or something.

  2. I know, Rusty! How DARE we be in between Germans and Russians! It’s our own fault. We are just asking for it. We had it comin’!

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