13 to 1

Where is the Obama “redistribution of the wealth” tape?  Well, it was held by NBC for more than four days while, they claim, they were “verifying” it.  But once verified, it was nowhere to be seen.  Instead we hear about Mitt Romney’s trust fund.

Media Research Center tells you everything you need to know about ABC, CBS, and NBC.  The so-called “hidden 47 percent video” was mentioned thirteen times by those three networks for every time the Obama audio espousing his belief in Marxist government-initiated wealth redistribution was broached.

The networks claimed the Romney video was a “game changer”.  It wasn’t.  But they buried the Obama audio because they feared it would be.

It has been a long time since we had an independent mainstream media.  Any coincidence that the next thing for this Administration to sink its partisan regulatory claws into is the internet?