War News Updates: The Rise Of Chinese Nationalism

My Comment: Regular readers of this blog know that I was in China last week …. and yes …. I do concur with Niall Ferguson’s observations that Chinese nationalism is on the rise. I have also been a regular visitor to China since the mid 1980s …. and so I have a certain perspective that most pundits do not have.

via War News Updates: The Rise Of Chinese Nationalism.

I just glanced at Niall Fergusson’s article. But WNU raises a very good point. Lots of us speculate just how far the Chinese government intends to press matters such as disputed South China Sea islands.

But that presumes the Chinese government is immune from stupidity.

The possibility of events spiraling out of control is quite real. Don’t believe me? If you’d asked anyone if Archduke Ferdinand was worth a war that would cost about 20 million lives, the end of empires and the rise of Communism, no one would have said yes.

And yet…