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So, it’s the start of the network television season, so I’ve been spending a lot of time watching TV instead of writing for you. On the other hand, that’s where I get most of my inspiration for Load HEAT, so don’t complain too much.

I do have some stuff coming down the pike, whenever I do get around to writing it.

Part III in our Brown Water Navy series will focus on the PBR, or Patrol Boat Riverine. Part IV will be on the unique Army/Navy effort in the Delta.

We’re going to take a (very brief) look at the LST, the Large Slow Target.  One of the most interesting procurement stories around.

URR is busy right this moment, but I’ve asked him to address Operational Maneuver From the Sea, and the integration of fire support into maneuver. I may poach on that a bit, prior to his posting.

I really should post about the Five Paragraph Operations Order. It’s been a partial draft in my queue for about 2 years now…

What are some other topics you would like my deep thoughts on?

13 thoughts on “Topics of interest”

  1. From the political side, I recently read interesting things about Elizabeth Warren’s ancestors claiming Cherokee ancestry when being a Cherokee meant that you were allocated land (see Dawes Commission). Her ancestors were claiming to be Native Americans in order to gain advantage (not despite disadvantages) just as she continued to do.

    I read “Gators of Neptune” a few years ago and that might be an interesting topic – modern Gators or historical ones.

  2. I just read this morning that Elizabeth Warren is not only not Cherokee but she hasn’t been a licensed lawyer in Mass – ever. So she’s two for two.

  3. I would vote for a “Load Heat” starring Harris Faulkner. The remote ALWAYS stops there when she is on.

  4. Brad, it will make a difference re: Warren, if she represented herself to clients as a practicing attorney in MA.

    1. In most of the licensed professions (I’m a member of two) you can not use an address in a state in which you are not licensed. There are a few exceptions. I know of one Land Surveyor licensed in NC and TN, but his office is in GA. As long as he does no work in GA, he’s fine. In most states, however, they take a dim view of that kind of practice.

  5. XBradTC, how about an article on supplying the troops in AF? For the logistics guys. Plus we will need to reverse the flow at some point.

  6. I know that you and I have spoken about it but, I still think that VA disability fraud would win you some kinda journalism prize. No one else will address it…

    1. Oh jesus, yeah. They wanted me to put in for like 20% disability because I had athlete’s foot once.

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