3 thoughts on “La-La-La-La-La- I can't hear you!!!”

  1. I’m glad to see some things never ever change. I have my own CSM story from (mumble mumble) years ago that soured me on the privileges of that exalted position.

  2. One of the best duties I ever got in the Army was being assigned to drive around the CSM to inprocess. The unit was still being spun up, and they didn’t actually have anything for a 98C to do, and no company vehicle, so they asked me to drive him all over post to in-process. CSM Dent basically had me take him to like 3 appointments a day and then kick off for the rest of the day. Had it not been for that, I’d have been stuck spending 8 hours in the office staring at the Company Commander’s screen saver. And that’s not even an exaggeration.

  3. All of them, and I do mean all of them made my blood run cold. Hit the nail on the head.

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