Sunday Morning Intruders

Hey, URR, check out how sharp the FACs are. And my eyes aren’t as sharp as they once were, but is that Schlitz?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Intruders”

  1. Why yes, that is Schlitz. And cigarettes. Today they would be morally unfit to bomb people.

    Nice footage of Onslow Beach, Bogue Field, and the run in from IP Queen’s Creek to the G-10 Impact Area. Yes, RABFAC missions were something else. Still a “gee-whiz” when I went to Sill in ’86. A good FAC and pilot could get it “in the infield” in any weather.

    We miss the A-6E and the F-4 Phantom. They carried a MAN’s load of ordnance.

    1. For you non fire support aficionados, RABFAC is Radar Beacon Forward Air Control. A transponder on the ground serves as a discrete known point for the attacking aircraft. By generating an offset (direction and distance) the Intruder could make a blind drop far more accurately than guesstimating from a hilltop or other terrain feature off the radar.

  2. Now Brad, if you are gonna tell them all the cool stuff, then they will know what we are talking about when we use jargon! We will be a lot less cool!

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