Great Commercial (With Battleships!)


I am not a rum guy, really.  When I do drink, which is very seldom, it is Mr. John Walker, Red or Black, neat.  And the occasional beer.  So please don’t take this post as an endorsement of the product.  But one has to admire this Sailor Jerry Rum commercial.    Two Colorado-class battleships, filmed between the wars, still with both lattice masts, and their twin forward turrets and decks pitching in the heavy seas.  Later in the commercial we see two Colorados unleashing broadsides from their 16in/45 caliber Mk 5 main guns.  And sailors, looking like SAILORS, going on liberty.   With some damned fine tattoo work in the mix.    Even though I am not a rum drinker, I will hoist one of the Sailor Jerry variety.  For all those men filmed in black and white.  And the tough old battlewagons they served on.    They won the war, didn’t they?

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