Holder's Justice Department and the Media Matters Alliance

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department has been caught red-handed (again), this time releasing information to Media Matters, the far-left tax-exempt organization run by David Brock and funded in part by George Soros and moveon.org, so that Media Matters can counter stories reporting scandals at the Justice Department.

The Daily Caller has a long but very worthwhile article.   And it is worth viewing the e-mail chains obtained through FOIA.

The New Black Panther Party case, which was ignored because the perpetrators were black, in which Holder has openly refused to investigate cases involving “his people”, the Fast and Furious gun running case, in which a USCBP agent was killed with guns supplied by Holder’s Justice Department to Mexican drug gangs in order to make the case for confiscation of firearms from Americans, the MF Global fiasco, which involved Holder’s law firm, Holder’s lying to Congress and the American People about F&F (some of which he had to retract when proof of his deliberate falsehoods became public), and now this.

Eric Holder belongs behind bars.  Congress should impeach him immediately.  They will not, however, and the objective justice that this nation was built on and upon which our freedoms are anchored, will continue to be replaced by the far-left racially divisive, identity politics and politics of grievance of the students of the 1960s radicals.   With their hands on the levers of power in our government, it is no longer “We the People”, but “We the Rulers”.

2 thoughts on “Holder's Justice Department and the Media Matters Alliance”

  1. If the perpetrators of this massive government power grab were Republican, every Democrat in the country would be up in arms. Since they’re not, they mostly ignore it. They’ll have a terrible surprise if someone gets in power who doesn’t agree with them. Hopefully, the centralization of power in the executive branch can be rolled back under Romney.

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