Today is the 150th anniversary of the bloodiest single day battle in American history. The battle at Antietam, or Sharpsburg to those of us with a Southern heritage, was a stunning event. Both the North and the South recoiled in horror at the butchers bill. But tellingly, both sides redoubled their efforts in the war.

Craig has some pictures of the battlefield as it is today. As he says, surreal. Such a pastoral scene, to be the site where so many fell.

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  1. I had the distinct honor of standing in the mist of a warm and muggy September morning, almost on the spot where the green banner of the Irish Brigade rose through the smoke, and had to wonder how those men could endure the savagery of that fearsome carnage. North and South. One could almost see the blue and butternut moving through the smoke and the flames, and the bodies in and around the Sunken Road.

    I am not ashamed to say that I knelt and wept.

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