Attack on Camp Bastion

I was going to link to someone’s else story on this, but I’ll be damned if I’ll link Huffington Post, and CNN isn’t much better. So from various sources, I’ll try to write my own post.

Camp Bastion in Helmand province, Afghanistan, came under attack late Friday evening local time. Camp Bastion is a British military base and adjoins the U.S. Camp Leatherneck. Prince Harry, a.k.a. Captain Wales is stationed there as an Apache helicopter pilot. This attack must have been planned for some time, as the Taliban were wearing U.S. Army uniforms and used small arms, rockets and mortars in the attack.

Camp Bastion is situated in the middle of the desert with excellent visibility all around, says the BBC’s Jonathan Beale in Kabul. It is extremely heavily fortified and coalition forces are investigating how militants were able to stage the brazen surprise assault.

At least 14 Taliban, 2 Marines, and 2 Afghan soldiers were killed in the attack. Six AV-8B Harrier jets, six aircraft hangars, and three (I also saw six reported) refueling stations were destroyed in the attack.

Elsewhere in Helmand, in Nahr-e Saraj, two British soldiers were shot and killed at a checkpoint by an Afghan police officer. These “green on blue” killings have got to stop.

My sympathies to the families of those Americans and British fallen in the line of duty.

11 thoughts on “Attack on Camp Bastion”

    1. No way. The fallen are military. PBHO is consistant in his distain for the US Armed Forces. Muslim thugs in mobs attacking our embassies, on the other hand …

  1. My boss has a bumper sticker on his car, says “war is not the answer.”

    However, even he’s tired of this Islamic fuckery. He suggested on Friday that we round ’em all up and let them know that they’ve got a week to find a new planet to live on, because they’re not going to be allowed to stay on this one anymore.

    Nicest guy I’ve ever met, does more charity – both personal time and money – than anyone else I’ve ever known. Between the embassies and the green-on-blue stuff, he’s just sick of them though.

  2. Rusty,

    There are a ton of those bumper stickers up here. I want to market one that says “Whether war is the answer or not depends entirely on the question.”

    Glad he has had his epiphany

    1. He’s from South Vietnam. He’s seen more war, violence and oppression, up close and personal, than anyone has any right to be forced to see. Between the French and the Communists, he doesn’t have much family left. I don’t think he’s totally against the idea of violence so much as he just thinks that other options should be tried first. He does seem to understand that sometimes there are no better options, though.

  3. Well, then he is a veritable war-monger compared to the crunch-granola pacifists in the People’s Democratic Soviet Socialist Republic of Vermont. They believe in allowing showing one’s throat to the wolf. Everybody should be loved no matter what, all the time.

    Unless of course, you don’t recycle. Then you should be executed summarily as a polluter.

  4. Did publicly acknowledging Harry was going to Af have anything to do with this? Nude pics get him out of here! Here he is bulls eye!

    Or am I wrong?

  5. I doubt it; an operation like that took a lot of time, planning, and practice to bring off that well. I expect it was set up a long time before anyone even decided to send Mr. Wales there.

    P.S. For some odd reason, I don’t see any icons to log in, so I had to comment “old school” by filling in the blanks. Odd…

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