About that photo op…

There’s no way the President of the United States and the Secretary of State would use the dead bodies of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans for political purposes. No, not at all.

Of course, you do realize that as soon as the caskets were unloaded, and the speechifying done, the Air Force had to load them back aboard and fly them to Dover AFB, right?

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  1. Your obsessive ranting and nit picking of our President is becoming tiresome – We get it , you don’t like him.
    I would suggest the majority of us that read and enjoy your blog and postings do not visit to acquire voting or moral guidance/conduct.
    I believe the families of our fallen public servants would appreciate our President and the Secretary of State’s attendance and show of support and respect – For the record, I am a two tour Vietnam combat vet and I appreciate the Presidents high profile support of our fallen brothers and sisters…..by the way ; the nature of the office and practically every appearance or step outside the security cocoon could be utilized as a photo op.

    1. Interesting.

      You come here because you want to read what Brad writes … but the thing is, you really don’t want to read what he wants to write about, you want him to write something that agrees with the way you see the world.

    2. Frank, you and I will just have to disagree on whether it was unseemly or not. I realize that I am, in fact, quite partisan. When MY guy does it, it’s a tasteful way of honoring the fallen. When YOUR guy does it, it’s exploiting the dead.
      And I do try to keep the blog from becoming all politics/all the time. That’s sometimes hard to do, especially near an election, and at the intersection of political and military affairs.
      I’m probably always going to be critical of President Obama, and Sec. Clinton as well. But I’ll also admit that, while the recent events in Libya and Egypt show severe shortcomings in our plans and policies, sometimes, there really ARE no good options. Two years ago as the Arab Spring began, the US was faced with the strategic choice of either siding with autocratic regimes (something I find personally repugnant and not really in our long term interests) or siding with the rebels, knowing the radical Islamist elements were a part of the coalition of forces, and with the almost certainty that those same forces would eventually overwhelm the more moderate element of the coalitions of groups that challenged the regimes in Libya, Egypt, and (currently) Syria.
      Our only OTHER option was to do nothing, in which case, we’d have no influence with whichever side eventually won, and further erode our reputation in the region, and possibly even encourage radical elements to believe us to be toothless. As I say, no good options.

      That aside, I’m deeply flattered that you do read and enjoy the blog. I do hope you’ll continue to read, and more importantly, contribute to the conversation here in the comments of various posts. A person with your experience almost certainly has lessons learned to share with us, and I look forward to hearing about topics you would like to discuss. Trust me, one of the very hardest things about writing this blog after four years is finding topics that I am interested in writing about. Your input would be valued.

  2. I believe that unless Frank knows the families personally he shouldn’t put words in their mouths about what they would or wouldn’t appreciate.

    I also think the the SEC of State and the POTUS could have easily done the same thing at Dover if they so desired…me thinks they held this thing at Andrews for a reason.

    What they families may have appreciated more than this service would have been if the SEC of State and the POTUS had taken warnings of an attack more seriously…then we may not have been treated to this spectacle at all.

    If someone wants to support the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania AVe. that is there business, but it is beyond me how anyone who objectively looks at the things that have occurred lately and think, “yeah, I want to sign up for more of that.”

  3. Frank, it’s too bad your two tours in Nam didn’t teach you to be more observant. X and the others are spot on. If on the other hand you are suffering from brain damage from the conflict then I apologize.

  4. Frank,

    I greatly appreciate your service, but I will disagree almost entirely with your premise. State, and by extension, POTUS, is completely responsible for the security posture and threat condition at our embassies and consulates. That they were almost entirely ignored, and then when it hit the fan, deliberately misrepresented, speaks volumes.

    By the way, the words coming from State, from the Egyptian embassy especially, are very much at odds with what SENATOR Hillary Clinton strongly asserted when free speech (and government-provided tax dollars) was used to put the Crucifix in a jar of urine and a painting of the Virgin Mary covered in excrement on display. THEN, Ms. Clinton declared such free speech was essential and sacrosanct. When it denigrated Christianity. When Islam takes offense, we must suppress such free speech. General Dempsey, Chief Lapdog in Uniform, agreed.

    This is Teheran in 1979, tenfold.

    1. This is Teheran in 1979, tenfold.!!!!! get a grip on reality…TENFOLD? how do manage to sleep with all that stuff in yer haid??? that’d be 44,400days, 8,770{?} hostages,gosh oh golly!!!

  5. How many dead in Teheran, again, Mike? What is the impact of perceived American weakness and lost prestige?

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