Roamy's roundup

The KSC folks are getting ready to move the Space Shuttle Endeavour to her new home in Los Angeles next week. She will have quite a sight-seeing tour. After leaving KSC on Monday, there will be flyovers of Stennis Space Center and the Michoud Assembly Facility on the way to a stopover in Houston. Endeavour will leave Houston on Wednesday morning, refuel in El Paso, and flyover White Sands and Dryden Flight Research Center before one last landing at Edwards Air Force Base. Thursday will be flyovers of Ames Research Center and major CA cities before ending her journey in LA. This is all dependent on good weather, of course.

For now, Endeavour is getting ready for her ride on the modified 747.


Yesterday was the successful launch of a National Reconnaissance Office satellite and some smaller, piggyback satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base. NASA, NRO, and CalPoly built eleven CubeSats for this flight. It’s a nice way of conducting science without the expense of a solo launch.



The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has started a scholarship fund to honor Neil Armstrong. Very fitting for this organization. Link if you care to donate, or just remember to wink at the moon.


So who do you think will support space more, Obama or Romney?

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    1. Thanks for the prompt reply. A colony of Americans on the Moon would be nice to have, and I’s like it soon.

  1. Her flight? Weren’t you the one who posted the photo that proved space shuttles were male last winter?

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