US Ambassador, 3 Others Killed in Embassy Attack in Libya

I would like to know the details of where the Ambassador’s security detail was, what their instructions were, and how they were armed/protected.  Or maybe I wouldn’t.

On the eleventh anniversary of the murder of 3,000 Americans in Muslim “protest”, add four more murders to the “religion of peace”.    God’s mercy (OUR God) on the families of those lost yesterday.

It is almost enough to make one hearken back for that comparative strong-man, Jimmy Carter.    Sure glad backing the Libya uprising with hundreds of millions in US Military support was such an unqualified success.

We shall see what the United States, and this Administration, does in response to the attacks against Americans in Libya and Egypt.  But I am not hopeful at all of anything meaningful.   “Speak incessantly and carry a small stick.”

5 thoughts on “US Ambassador, 3 Others Killed in Embassy Attack in Libya”

  1. There will be nothing done. This comes a day after I read that Obama approved the release of mission details to filmmakers and that Mr Owens may be prosecuted for writing about the same mission. I’m sick to my soul about this whole mess. We have effectively been surrendered.

  2. Lord only knows, dealing with State. Their grasp of reality and the threat sometimes was damned tenuous.

    1. Prolly more like nonexistent. But you are simply being kind with the feather merchants at State.

      FRankly, We’d probably be well served to take most of our FSOs and tie them to a flag pole at ground zero just before implementation of plan XBrad.

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