Plan XBrad

Should I somehow find myself President of the  United States:

It shall be the policy of the United States that any nation that violates, or willfully allows the violation of, the sanctity of an American Embassy, Consulate or other diplomatic mission, or of accredited diplomatic personnel,  shall face sanctions up to and  including prompt and utter destruction.

Armchair historians among you will recall the only other time the phrase “prompt and utter destruction” has been included in a US policy statement.

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  1. When enjoying my time at MCRD San Diego, I was, due to being a few pounds under weight, a “double rations private”. Which meant I got TWICE as much chow as everybody else. AND I was “invited” to the quarter deck for “incentive training” anytime the platoon guide, any squad leader or any fat body diet private was on the quarter deck sweating. I guess Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Guerra didn’t want me to gain TOO much weight. Anyway, along those lines, along with prompt and utter destruction for any nation that messes with us, call up strike package or ten for Iran. Just because we don’t want them to feel left out.

  2. Just wanted to point out that some Libyan security personnel were wounded trying to protect the Americans and some reports say three killed. It is not believed that the attack was under the aegis or condoned by the government.

    That said, I do not doubt that there are elements within the Libyan government who do not wish us well.

  3. Buck Buchanan, I believe you accurately write, “That said, I do not doubt that there art elements within the Libyan government who do not wish us well.” Sir, when you have gathered that list, would you share it with us. George W Bush, in his statement on the Bush Doctrine, stated that any nation who harbored or in any way supported those, who attacked us on 9/11/2001, would be considered an enemy of the US. My question is this, did he follow through on that promise? Hint: Take a good look at our relationships and determine which ones have been the most troublesome. Actually Afghanistan and Iraq are not on the list, go figure.

  4. I think the USG needs to be unambiguous: cross the wall, breach the gate, you die. We may need additional Marines in some places just to make sure.

    1. The point of Plan XBrad is to incentivize the host country to provide all the security needed to prevent such episodes as the disgraceful attacks in Benghazi and Cairo. They’re obligated as host nations to protect them. As it stands, there is no penalty today for them if they fail to do so. Under my plan, there would be. And there’s enough ambiguity that the host nation wouldn’t know just how bad the consequences would be, but they know how bad they COULD be.

      You bring a knife? I bring a gun nuke. You put one of mine in the hospital, I put one of yours in the morgue incinerate your crappy little country.

  5. “You bring a knife? I bring a gun nuke. You put one of mine in the hospital, I put one of yours in the morgue incinerate your crappy little country.”
    Gee, xbradtc; you are starting to sound like me.

    Paul L. Quandt

    1. My general approach to US national security has long been “Disproportionate Response” especially since the collapse of the counterweight that was the USSR.

      The US should be stalwart and friendly to all those that wish it well, correct and polite to those who are neither our allies nor foes, and utterly wrathful to those who attack us.

      Afghanistan would have seen a nuclear response on 9/12/21 had I had my way. Maybe not Kabul or Kandahar, but maybe Tora Bora.

      Having established an on the ground occupation, that perforce meant a change in strategy and tactics. The touchy-feely side of COIN really does come into play. The need to minimize civilian casualties is both a tactical and operational imperative, as well as the only moral approach.

      But far better to deter a battle than to fight one. And the only way deterrence works is if your foe is absolutely convinced that you will follow through on stated threats.

  6. “Millions for defense. Not one cent for tribute!”

    That attitude, heavily armed frigates and Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children solved a similiar Libyan problem in the 19th Century. Some things never change.

    Sand turns to glass when appropriate temperature is applied. Just say’n.

  7. I’ve had a plan for Iran for several years that can apply to Libya.

    WIthout a clear, abject, apology and recompense, the USA sends a démarche and a date to Libya. If not complied with, destroy electrical distribution in Libya. No electrical power, no threat. I’ll bet Libyan power generators are few and vulnerable. Oil pumping stations take a lot of power. An enemy nation deprived of electrical power is mission killed.

    1. A mission-killed enemy is only out of the fight temporarily. A hard-killed enemy is just dead.

      Remember rule 35: “that which does not kill you has made a tactical error.”

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