And on this day of days.   This is the same Cairo in which our President apologized to Muslim the world on behalf of America.

As if there was any doubt, here is our “reset”.    It is to weep.

Come November, we have some decisions to make.


An update on our “reset” with the “religion of peace”.    From Benghazi.

And then there is how we are treating the only democracy in the Middle East.

Also symbolic:

More from Benghazi:   Apparently the “religion of peace” has killed another American in protest.

5 thoughts on “Symbolic”

  1. Seems like a good time for a démarche and a date. Otherwise, perchance we should stop billions in foreign aid, pull all our tech support for the Egyptian military, withdraw our embassy, and await apologies and recompense from the Egyptian government.

  2. See, I was always under the impression that attacks on Embassies and diplomats was a de facto act of war. Funny how the last administration to allow such an act to go unanswered was the previous record holder of “most feckless President” Jimmy Carter.

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