7 thoughts on “9/11”

  1. Brad, I must agree with Aggie, sometimes I believe there are no words to describe 9/11 or “acceptable terms” to describe your feelings about such an event. During that day, I had breakfast with some friends at a local McDonald’s Restaurant. A man from our group came in and said, “Did you hear anything about a plane hitting the World Trade Center?” I replied, “You ARE talking about a little private plane, right?” He replied to me, “No, I am talking about one of the big commercial jets.” Understand something, everybody in our group were Veterans. Everybody, including me, inhaled their meals. We all left and went home and then gathered at one old man’s house. He had been involved in Middle East Intelligence for many years. He didn’t need to say anything, you could read him like a book. I knew our area was going to get extremely busy. We have an Air National Guard Base, which is also in Air Superiority Base which is equal distances between the Pentagon and Ground Zero. I went home for 1 reason, I would be getting a telephone call from my brother after we talked, I went over to the old man’s house. He actually felt more comfortable with us being there. If all of the truth was told, I believe it was mutually beneficial to all of us.

    There was a spirit around this nation, that was very good for it. But by choice, BOTH PARTIES CHOSE to walk away from it, this did great harm to this Great Nation. History has many great lessons to teach this Country.

  2. I was terrified for SB3, since he was in downtown Chi-Town, and no one knew what else what happening. Parental units were in smallville, British Columbia — I KNEW they were safe. SB2 and I were in So Cal, and knew not what would happen next — I drove to Tahoe on the 13th since my flight was cancelled. Every car on the 5 (not many and NO trucks) was decorated with red-white-and-blue. Two weeks later when I flew to Seattle on Alaska Airlines, there were only 8-10 of us TOTAL on the place, and I was the only non-worker or family member. It was a very scary and creepy time.

  3. I was out with two employees of the National Geodetic Survey and two other local Surveyors doing the fieldwork for the establishment of a calibration baseline at the Morgan County Airport. The local druggist came out to visit his airplane and asked if we had heard about the attack. After he left, the 5 of us looked up and noticed there wasn’t one contrail in the sky in a location that was normally criss-crossed with them.

    To say it was eerry is an understatement.

  4. All: Well said, well put, well felt. I remember the members of Congress standing on the front steps declaring their standing with the President and I commented “…I wonder how long it will take before Americans forget about this moment.”

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