“The Chart”

In which I attempt to redress a grave injustice. Bear with me, this post isn’t so much about politics, but about credit where credit is due.

You read Instapundit, right? Of course you do. And that means you’ve seen him post this chart numerous times.

Insty gets his copy of the chart from James Pethokoukis at AEI. Fair enough. But the fact is, James didn’t build that.

In this age of an Army of Davids, we should take a moment to recognize that this chart did indeed start as the effort of a blogger, not a pundit or journalist.

Geoff, posting at Innocent Bystanders, early on recognized that the Obama Administrations predictions of the effects of the Stimulus were wildly optimistic.

Let’s give credit to Geoff, long time Moron, and frequent denizen of Ace of Spades, credit for seeing early what would be one of the biggest lies of the Obama administration.