A Beautiful Late-Summer Tuesday in September

That is the weather forecast for tomorrow.  Brilliant sunshine, mid-70s, warm and dry.  An absolutely perfect day.  As was another Tuesday, on the 11th of September.   I remember walking into work on that terrible day at around 7 am, thinking what a glorious day it was, a wonderful day to be alive.    Until men filled with the hate of their beliefs killed three thousand of our countrymen in the name of their religion.

May those hate-filled men burn for eternity in their own special hell.   And may there be a hell also for those around the world who cheered and celebrated the murder of the innocent on that day.    The anger I feel in my heart has not much subsided.   I doubt it will.    I have become as tolerant of Islam as Islam is of me.  If one who professes that faith wishes to live peaceably next to me, then we shall live in peace.  If any who profess that faith demand either my conversion to their faith or death as an infidel, then death is what they deserve.   Not because of their religion, but because of their desire to punish me or forbid me mine.  As Marine General Kelly so eloquently stated,

It is not about the god you worship, if you worship any god at all; but you will respect the right of your neighbor to respect the god he or she damn well pleases.

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Late-Summer Tuesday in September”

  1. That is how I remember the day, as an almost unearthly beautiful September day. My Dad had a stroke in the early ’90’s, so I wound up moving home, to help Mom take care of him. After Dad died, my sisters asked me to stay on, as Mom wasn’t getting any younger. I got home from work that morning, to find that Mom had made bacon and eggs. She had left the Today show on, and was half watching it, when Matt Lauer got a funny look on his face, and said that they were going outside, as they have had a report that an airplane had hit one of the Trade Towers. Like everyone else, I thought it was a commuter plane, or a sightseeing plane, that had made a horrible mistake, and then the other plane hit it’s tower. It’s not a terribly deep comment, but I said, “Oh, my goodness!”. And so began a day of horror. It was a beautiful day, though.

  2. I was in the Navy still then. JFKBATGRU was getting under way from Mayport, heading for the Puerto Rico OPAREA for … I can’t remember if it was COMPTUEX or what. My ship was still in the channel, outbound, at sea and anchor. I was the boat officer that morning. I didn’t believe it when GUNNO came out and told me about the first plane. I didn’t believe him a few minutes later when he came out and told me about the second plane, and that the first tower had fallen. When he came out and told me that the second tower had dropped a few minutes after that I still didn’t -really- believe him … but I started to wonder.

    Then the captain came on the 1MC. I believed him.

  3. Let us not forget those inside this country who cheered as well. From a friend who is a Detroit policeman I was told it was quite the street party in Dearborn.

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