For the birds…

Birds have long served as mascots and items of heraldry for Army units and weapons. .  Eagles, falcons, hawks, the Pheonix, condors, owls and more come to mind.

And the Ooozlefinch.

2 thoughts on “For the birds…”

  1. “The Oozlefinch’s eyes are very large, allowing it to see very distant and very clearly in the sky, symbolizing the great distance of protection and detection of the Air Defense Artillery, especially the more modern PATRIOT missile defense system and its Phased-Array Radar. Its vision is unobstructed by eyelids or eyebrows, and the eyes are said to be able to turn 180 degrees so the Oozlefinch can look inward, symbolizing the need of a good leader for inward reflection.”

  2. I remember one butter bar who was given the task of securing the battalion’s Oozlefinch. It was painted DCU color and rode in a tonka truck. Of course another batallion “stole” it so he had to get it back and carry it around for a week….

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