I think tonight’s potable will be two cans of lukewarm Bud Light. Which is still better than the boys deployed will enjoy.

My usual is Early Times bourbon. I’ve got nothing against the more upscale bourbons. I enjoy them greatly. But I don’t have the greatest sense of taste, so one bourbon is generally as good as another to me. Rocks, tumbler, bourbon. Good to go. Besides, I’m more of a quantity over quality guy.

What’s in your glass tonight?

7 thoughts on “It’s FRIDAY!!”

  1. Right now I’ve got a pint of Guinness (for strength!) on the end table next to me.

    Also, re: PBR … I’ve been known to actually enjoy that in a non-ironic-hipster way from time to time. Even moreso when there’s good scenery to look at …

  2. Old Crow. I don’t have much of a sense of taste either. All tastes good to me when its mixed….

  3. Stone I.P.A., and the only scenery here is coyote and skunk, unfortunately.

    At least the beer is good!

  4. Coffee.
    When I go home for two weeks from up here in the Arctic, I shall punsih my liver then, for it is evil. Guinness and various distillations of uisge beatha will be my weapons of choice.

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