Seems Reasonable

Seems there is another working uniform change in the wind for the poor Sailors of our Navy.  The blueberry suits have been an ugly, inconvenient, ill-suited, expensive catastrophe.

From the Master Chief’s Lair:

In any case, I hope we go back to the dungaree uniform for E-1 through E-6 and wash khaki for Officers and Chiefs.  It was a comfortable uniform made specifically for shipboard life.

Agreed.  Sailors looked like Sailors.  Tradition, and all that, and not a small dose of utility.  In addition, he hits on the real problem with all this Navy fashionista crap:

But the real crime of the uniform changes is that the Sailors have to bear the cost of these bureaucratic wars…  Sailors do get a small clothing allowance, but it does not even begin to cover the cost of these wholesale changes.  If the Navy wants to mandate a new uniform, the Navy should purchase that uniform for every active and reserve Navy member.  That would limit the uniform changes!

Go read the rest.  Well worth it.  I hope somebody with wide stripes is listening.

7 thoughts on “Seems Reasonable”

  1. Since the Dress Blues do not keep you warm and the Dress Whites are near useless in helping keep you cool, pick one or the other and leave it at that.
    Also I agree fully with the going back to Wash Khaki’s and Dungaree’s.

    1. For the E’s maybe the blues / whites aren’t much of a difference. For the khakis there’s a HUGE difference in temperature between a short sleeved CNT shirt and pants compared to a double breasted black wool suit and tie. I know which one I’d rather be wearing in Mayport in August, and which one I’d rather be wearing in Norfolk in January.

  2. Master Chief Lair, there is only one problem that I can see. You are using “Common Sense”. By your rank, I’d think you would know better than to use “Common Sense” in a case like this. There is no intent of disrespect to you or your service, THANK YOU!

  3. My brain didn’t recognize the word, “Lair”, please address my comment to all of those who reside in that “Lair”.

  4. Last year I was in Dago and had the pleasure of meeting Lex (pbuh) and went aboard Midway as well. The Navy still has some activities onboard and they had the change of command ceremony of the supply center across from the Navy Pier that day. As a result a number of guys had to go aboard in their “blueberries.” I had to try real hard and, walk really fast to get away from those poor victims of sartorial atrocity or I was going to LOL right there on the hanger deck. The Flags that thought that uniform was a good idea should he keel hauled on Midway (or, preferably Lexington) for perpetrating that on those poor guys.

  5. Bring back uniforms that make USN Sailors look like USN Sailors. What is so bad about looking like you belong to the same Navy that showed the Nihon Kaigun the real facts of life in the Pacific?

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