's odd attack on The American Legion | The American Legion's BurnPit

I don’t read, but this article was emailed to me last week. Obviously with convention going on I was a little busy to respond, but the attack is so ridiculous as to actually warrant dedicating some time this week to dissecting it.

Entitled “Assassins in the Army?!” it resurrects the old Southern Poverty Law Center canard about how there are droves of right-wing lunatics and murderers in the Army. We’ve been down that road before, and it wouldn’t usually necessitate any response were it not for some idiotic tie-in with Past National Commander Rehbein and The American Legion that author Daryl Johnson just sort of throws into the middle of his piece.

via’s odd attack on The American Legion | The American Legion’s BurnPit.

That craptacular DHS report is still getting mileage, even after DHS has disavowed it. Read the whole thing to see the report author get smacked around.