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Taking a break from defense and political topics.

Long time readers know I’m a fan of crappy television. I revel in it. I’ve got every single episode of One Tree Hill on my hard drive, and I’m pretty sure just about every hot chick who ever showed up on the series has been featured in Load HEAT.*

I enjoy of a lot of non-crap shows too, of course, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and of course, Firefly.

CBS’ Blue Bloods is solid, if stolid entertainment. NCIS of course. How I Met Your Mother, mostly for the fact that Alyson and Cobie still generate a fair number of hits here.

NBC irritates the heck out of me. They come up with fantastic series like Life, then cancel it after two seasons. I just started watching Awake last night, and it already pains me to know it only lasted 13 episodes. Same with Journeyman a couple years ago.

The only thing on ABC worth my time is Castle. And I think the only Fox show I watch is Bones. Emily Deschanel does nothing for me, but Tamara Taylor and the other hot chick will eventually show up on LH, I’m sure.

Like a lot of viewers, I’m watching less network television, and more cable shows.  Rizzoli & Isles, Longmire, Necessary Roughness. I’m trying to get into the spin-off of The Closer, Major Crimes, but it’s just not quite clicking.

I’m also a huge fan of British programming, mostly crime shows. Luther, featuring the impressive Idris Elba, is great. They need to hurry up with Series 3.  Sherlock is a hoot, very smartly written and produced. That’s one thing I greatly admire about British shows. They respect the viewer much more than most US series. Lesser known here are the gritty DCI Banks, and the much more lighthearted Midsomer Murders.

And, of course, even though it isn’t my usual style, I’ve hopped enthusiastically on the Downton Abbey fanwagon. You’ll see a couple of those ladies on LH soon, I’m sure.

I don’t watch any so-called reality television, but I do enjoy some documentaries. Air Crash Investigation holds an odd fascination for me. The First 48, also.  But for the most part, when I want non-fiction, I download old propaganda and training films from youtube.

There are, I’ll admit, some shocking lapses in my television viewing. I’ve never watched The Shield, The Wire, or Breaking Bad. We’ll get around to it, I’m sure.

What else am I missing? What do you enjoy. Most importantly, what’s the one show you’re embarrassed to admit is your guilty pleasure?

*I just noticed I’m missing Micheala McManus. I’ll have to fix that.

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  1. I’ll look again Brad, but I don’t think you’ve featured Karen Gillian from Dr Who. Odd oversight since I know you share my love of redheads.

    1. Dang it. I keep thinking I’ve featured her, but you’re right. So, pic 12 or 15 or so of your favorite pics of her, and email them to me.

  2. The Walking Dead, Suits, Southland (a superb NBC reject), Revolution. Since It’s NBC I know that it stands a better than average chance of being cancelled, especially, strangely, if it is good. But the Pilot was pretty good. The pilot is available online. Also Pysch and Falling Skies. Like most new science fiction tv shows, Falling Skies is little rough around the edges but will get better with time. It’s second season has just ended and a third season has already been ordered.

    1. D’oh! Southland is on my regular list. I just forgot to pull up the spreadsheet I use to track my shows. Whodda thunk Ben McKenzie had acting chops?

  3. Other than Downton Abbey, my guilty pleasures are Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant: Impossible. In between my solo Netflix sessions of Battlestar Galactica, my wife will watch Wish Me Luck, a British dramatic series on female SOE agents in WWII

    Regular TV series? Well, only Big Bang Theory, really. I’ll have to keep my eyes open – though probably not until after November (the comedy and tragedy of the process is compelling, after all).

  4. – The Unit (unfortunately cancelled)
    – Southland
    – Breaking Bad (current favorite)
    – Gilmore Girls (only b/c we had to have something to watch in Germany and my wife really liked it; then I got hooked)
    – The Walking Dead (zombies!!1!)
    – Sons of Anarchy (2nd favorite)
    – Homeland (very interesting CIA/spy show featuring the guy who played Maj. Dick Winters in HBO’s “Band of Brothers.”)
    – Doc Martin (what my wife and I currently watch together when we’re at home)
    – House

    Guilty pleasures:
    – Game of Thrones
    – Spartacus
    Game of Thrones is really good, but – as with Spartacus – there is a significant amount of nudity in it, which does me no good at all. Oh, and lots of gratuitous violence as well – heads being chopped off and such.

    1. I gave up on Gilmore Girls after 5 seasons.

      SoA rocks! and the next season starts in 5 days.

      Never got into Doc Martin. Seen it a few times- Sis is a big fan.

      No GoT for me. Not big on fantasy.

      I watched the pilot for Homeland, but probably won’t watch the rest of the first season until next summer.

  5. Right now I’ve been going on an archive binge on NBC’s Community. It’s far too good to be on NBC, and seems to be constantly fighting cancellation.

    Game of Thrones is on my list, of course. It’s in the off-season now, unfortunately.

    Anyone that like British TV would do themselves a great favor to check out Doc Martin, starting from the beginning. He’s sort of like what would happen if House and Monk had a baby together.

    One of my guiltiest of all guilty TV pleasures, however, is 30 Rock. I know that I should hate it and everything it stands for, but I really enjoy that show. Jack Donaghy – played of course by Alec Baldwin – is exactly the sort of Republican that I truly wish I could be, and that’s pretty funny considering he’s intended as a clownish caricature.

    Chuck was good, but they ended it at the right time.

    Castle is brilliant. I’m glad to see Nathan Fillion getting some good work, and they throw the occasional Firefly reference in there. (As does Community!)

    Battlestar Galactica was great, while it lasted. The last season went a little off the rails and into a whole bunch of mystical BS.

    Back on the British theme, I’ve been working slowly through Doctor Who and Torchwood. Both pretty good, although the Matt Smith episodes are … not as good, I guess. I like him as The Doctor, but the storylines are less good than the earlier ones. Torchwood is fun, though.

    I’m a pretty big fan of Psych and White Collar. Haven’t been watching White Collar this season, though – we’re killing cable, and Hulu Plus won’t stream it to a TV. Have to watch it on the PC only, and that’s annoying because i’ve got too many other things to do with my computer.

    Looking forward to the next season of Sons of Anarchy, as well. Same for Mad Men.

  6. Burn Notice, Justified on FX is the bombdigity yo. Archer also on FX is a filthy cartoon about a buffoon of a secret agent named Sterling Archer… hilarious.

    Modern Family on ABC is pretty consistently funny.

    There is a British show on Cinemax called Strike Back which is ostensively about a sort of SAS unit and an ex Delta Force guy that go around blowing up stuff and killing people. There are also lots of nekid women in it. Joe Bob sez check it out. It’s available through Amazon or I-Tunes…not sure about Netflix though.

    1. Archer- Yep.

      Justified- Nick Searcy, who plays Art Mullins, is a Ace o Spades fan and solid conservative. Look him up on Facebook. Good guy.

  7. Have to second The Walking Dead. And Laurie Holden would be an outstanding Load Heat. The one who plays Rick’s wife is too damned skinny. And I think Carol is pretty, too, but can’t find many glamor shots of her. And she may hit for the other team anyhow. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I need Polaroids.

  8. X-Brad,

    Not only do I know who Nick is. I had the pleasure of being his driver a few weeks ago when he came to FT Hood to participate in a documentary project I am involved with. He is a great guy, very down to earth and conservative to the core.

      1. I just started to reply “Well, of course I have!” but when I went to find the link, it ain’t there. There’s occasionally a girl that I just know I’ve posted, but it turns out, I ain’t!

        On the other hand, sometimes I get a bright idea about who to post, only realized about halfway through all the pics look vaguely familiar…

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