Marines on Patrol

Your reading assignment for the day. I kid URR that I hate to give the Marines any publicity when every squad already has its own PAO, but this is a great article. And the very first thing that leapt out at me was how reminiscent of pictures of the beaches of Iwo Jima this picture is:

iwo jima redux

There are a couple minor quibbles to be had, but overall, a great article. Business Insider is quickly becoming one of my regular reads.

2 thoughts on “Marines on Patrol”

  1. Outstanding piece. Those young Marines are the equal to any on Guadalcanal, or Saipan, or Iwo, or Okinawa, Inchon, the Chosin, or Hue, or the A Shau Valley.

    God bless ’em and protect them. Semper Fi, Marines.

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