Warrior Transition

Leaving active duty to become a part of the civilian workforce is a confusing and sometimes frightening prospect, even for many who have faced death in foreign lands on a daily basis.    Writing resumès, dressing for interviews, all of that is new and different to our brave men and women when they decide to rejoin the civilian world.

Thankfully, Duffel Blog tells us, there’s help.

“I went to a mock interview in my best t-shirt that says something like ‘Ranger the F*ck Up.’ The civilians that were hired to do this mock interview told me that I should consider something more classy, like maybe a button up shirt at the least. My shirt collection includes a ‘Beards Save Lives‘ shirt, but I don’t even own a button up. Who knew that was important?”

The panel of civilians also recommended a long sleeve shirt to cover up SGT Bourne’s tattoos of skulls on his forearms that he says represent “how many towel heads I put in the f*cking ground.”



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  1. Reminds me of a t-shirt I used to have that had a ’40’s G.I. on the front holding a canteen cup and the caption underneath said “How about a nice cup of shut the f _ _ k up”. Definitely a departure from the genre of “I’m with stupid” t-shirts.

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