This isn’t creepy at all…

Seriously, who thinks like this?


There’s a hoary old conception that once you’ve joined the Army, you’re government property.  Uh, no. You’re more than an employee, sure. But you’re still a free citizen.

I get that the welcoming committee was trying to say that we all have a stake in our government. And we do. But this ham-handed message is so obtuse, it strongly argues that anyone who would be so tone-deaf should be kept well clear from the levers of power in our nation.

Important Update: while the Obama campaign is distancing itself from the video (it was produced by the welcoming committee) various attendees at the DNC are happy to be placed in chains. It seems once again, the Democratic party returns to its roots of supporting treating people as chattel. The video at the link is your must watch of the day.

5 thoughts on “This isn’t creepy at all…”

  1. They’re too blinded by their own brilliance to believe that anyone could interpret it as “being owned by” the government when they meant “being on the same team”. They make these same mistakes all the time because this guy’s team is a bunch of amateurs and, what’s worse is that he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else in the world.

  2. Had it been the RNC we’d be hearing about “dog whistles” and how it was intentional. I just think they’re too stupid to realize what the rest of us hear when they say we “belong” to the government.

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