Traditionally, sprinkled among the early speakers of the national conventions are those rising stars the respective parties are grooming for future office.

So. Sandra Fluke.

Are the Dems grooming her, or just exploiting her for the “Republican War on Women” attack meme?

In any event, how utterly mediocre is the DNC that one of the most recognizable speakers is to be a 30 year old woman who’s only recognizable achievement is attending Georgetown Law School?

And let’s not forget, the entire reason some lefty public interest law firm paid her way to Georgetown wasn’t to give her an excellent education. It was to attack that institution from the inside.  Her whole goal at Georgetown to was force the school to provide contraception as a matter of the student health insurance coverage.

We’re a nation facing great challenges with regard to our fiscal policy, our struggling economy, foreign policy issues, and our entitlement culture.

And this is what the Democratic Party wants to address.

I’m not going to make this blog all politics, all the time, but sometimes, I just can’t help myself.  If you comment, be polite. No calls for violence.

8 thoughts on “Vapidity”

  1. Two DNC Calif Delegates arrive drunk to hotel…one passes out, other fights with hotel staff,.police called. Combative delegate sent home.

  2. So Brad, really, you’re surprised that the Dems are a pack of idiots? And act that way? What concerns me more are the people who follow that ship of fools. Guess that says a lot about them too.

  3. The US Democratic Party. Sigh. Reinforcing failure since 1916. As the party moves further to the left the talent leaves, like Ronald Reagan, Zell Miller, and Artur Davis. It’s hard to be a Totalitarian and foster a good society for other people.

    And don’t get me started on the Stupid Party.

    1. I think there is very serious reason to think she knows nothing about birth control either. Fluke won’t be their version of Palin either. Fluke is vapidity on the hoof. Palin, say what any one will, is just the opposite.

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