Pain in the neck.

Seriously. I somehow managed to get a crick in my neck, and it hurts like heck. I seem to have this happen on about an annual basis. And it’s hard to write and think when I’m in pain. Of course, thinking is a challenge at the best of times…

6 thoughts on “Pain in the neck.”

  1. And I’m sitting here reading this post a week after I spent 7.5 hours strapped over a drum while they sliced and diced my lumbar spine. I think I would much rather have been a Middie being caned instead.

    Having had cervical spine surgery too, I do feel some sympathy, but more inclined to say “Suck it up soldier! Ain’t no non-hacks in the this lash up.”

    Seriously, I found that Excedrin Migrane (or Walmarts copy Headache remedy, 250mg Tylenol, 250mg Aspirin, and 65 mg Caffiene per tablet) 2 tablets every 4 hours really helped.

  2. Back in the late Triassic, when I was naught but 20 years old, I slipped on some wet grass, and found a new and exciting direction that my left knee would bend. Ever since then, whenever there is a drastic change in the air pressure, I know about it, The most annoying thing about it is that after several days of favoring my sore left knee, my right knee gets sore and stiff. Mayhap it would have been easier if they had just taken me out behind the barn, and whacked me with a shovel.

    1. I think some one did whack me with a shovel. Actually the worst at this point, is a cramp that starts above the belt line in the right side, goes straight through the middle of right buttock down to the back of my right knee. Robaxin with Ibuprofen would, I’m sure, knock it right out, but I’m not supposed to take any NSAIDS for 3 months after surgery. All I have is Percocet and Robaxin.

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