Salton Sea Stench

Bright sunlight and warm temperatures cause an algae bloom in the Salton Sea. The algae consume oxygen, starving thousands, sometimes millions of talapia fish in the lake. They die, rot, and stink.

I’m a good 30 or 40 miles from the Salton Sea (and over 100 miles from the ocean) and yet it smells like the docks at low tide outside.

3 thoughts on “Salton Sea Stench”

  1. That’s not the Salton Sea you’re smelling, Brad. It’s either Coachella or Cat City, depending on which direction the wind’s coming from.

  2. Algae fueled by local farmland run-off putrefies using oxygen that’s in the WATER (not the air). The gills of the fish get nothing, but smothered.

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